Principal Investigator: Dr. Aneika Leney

Aneika obtained a BSc in Biochemistry at University of York, UK during which she spend a year in industry working for GlaxoSmithKline. Next she joined Sheena Radford and Alison Ashcroft’s lab in the Astbury Centre, University of Leeds, UK, where she completed her PhD in Biological Mass Spectrometry. Her research focussing on amyloid assembly, bacterial pilus assembly and the development of novel technologies to monitor membrane proteins.


After her studies, Aneika relocated to Canada whereby she joined the Alberta Glycomics centre as a post-doctoral researcher under the supervision of John Klassen. Following this, she moved to Utrecht University in the Netherlands where she took a senior post-doctoral role in the laboratory of Albert Heck in the Netherlands Proteomics Centre. Her research focusing on post-translational modifications and the role they have in modulating protein function.


In 2018, Aneika joined the School of Biosciences at the University of Birmingham to establish her own research group.

Alexandra Munro-Clark 

Alex is a final year MSci Biochemistry student doing her research project in the Leney lab. The project aims to characterise fluorescent proteins from red microalgae, known as phychobiliproteins. These proteins already have many biotechnological and commercial applications, but the complex structure that they form inside alage, called the phycobilisome, is not fully known. She is using a range of biophysical techniques, including FPLC and Mass Spectrometry to understand the composition of the Phycobilisome. Outside of the lab Alex enjoys playing squash and tennis.

Heather Scott 

Heather is an MChem graduate from the University of Warwick. Her research work there focused on determining the specificity of bacterial enzymes towards lignin metabolites using chromatographic assays. She is currently completing a 3 month research internship in the Leney lab as part of the Midlands Intergrative Biosciences Training Partnership PhD scheme. Her work in the lab focusing on using cross linking mass spectrometry to determine the structure of phycobilisomes extracted from the red algae Porphorydium cruentum.

Manjari Mohata 

Manjari is a 2nd year MSci Biochemistry student. She is performing a small research project alongside her studies. Her project focuses on using native mass spectrometry to monitor protein complexes and their interaction partners.