August 2021

Alexandra Webb joins the lab for a summer studentship funded through the Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund. Welcome Alex!

Sad to see our undergraduate summer project students, Asti, Adam and Billie leave after an excellent 6 weeks in the lab despite the difficulties the group faced.

July 2021

Our latest paper is now online in Chemical Science and has been highlighted as "pick of the week" by the editors! Congratulations to Jedd and Manjari, and all other authors involved!!divAbstract

Have a look at the press release associated with it:

CONGRATULATIONS to all group members that graduated in 2021! Nik, Sarah, Laura all did excellent in their projects and will be missed.

May 2021

Congratulations to Sarah, Laura, Nik and Arppana for completing their BSc/masters projects. It was great to have you in the lab. Hope you all stay in touch! 

June 2021

Gemma Hutchinson and Derick Gyimah join the lab for their MSc project. Welcome both!

April 2021

We have upgraded our Synapt G2S to have a 32k quad. Excited to be able to get some big protein complexes flying! Thanks Waters for your help.

January 2021

Happy New Year! 

October 2020

Jedd (Post-doc) and Jas (technician) join the lab. Welcome both!

September 2020

Matt (PhD student), Sarah and Nik (MSci students) join the lab. Arppana (Sarah) and Laura start their new projects. Welcome everyone!

August 2020

Our new bioreactors arrive....





July 2020

Back in the lab after a short break for covid....

May 2020

Anna Peters joins the lab for her MSc project. Welcome Anna!

Mar 2020

Monisa Mujawar joins the lab for her MRes project. Welcome Monisa!

Nov 2019


Our paper entitled "Loss of CRMP2 O-GlcNAcylation leads to reduced novel object recognition performance in mice" has been accepted in Open Biology. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Sep 2019


Kishan Adoni joins the lab as a PhD student. Welcome Kish!

Jul 2019


Dr. Leney presents the groups work on microalgae at the "Celebration of MS at Leeds"  conference. 


Jun 2019


                                                The Orbitrap Eclipse arrives....1st in the UK!

Our nature microbiology paper is now online!

May 2019


Lots of interest surrounding our Cell Chem paper! Here are a few links....

May 2019

Rinoz Razick joins the lab for his MSc project. Welcome Rinoz!

Our paper in J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom. is now online!

Our Cell Chemistry paper is now online!

Apr 2019

Our BBSRC grant was successful! We will have a new mass spec soon.....

Manjari has secured a BMSS studentship to work on her project on stabilising protein-protein interactions. Congratulations!

Mar 2019

Dr. Leney presents the groups work on Algae protein characterisation in Paris at the Top-down symposium.

Jan 2019

Heather Scott (PhD student) joined the group for a mini-project as part of the MIBTP. Welcome Heather! 

Dec 2018

Manjari Mohata (MSci student) joined the group and is helping out with several projects on protein characterisation by mass spectrometry. 

Oct 2018


Alex Munro-Clark (MSc student) joined the group - Welcome Alex!